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A Fully Optical Method for Compressive Optical Image Hiding

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Recently, because of its realistic perception, the three-dimensional (3D) imaging technology has attracted more and more attention, and the consequent security issues of 3D image are gradually being taken seriously. Because of the huge data volume of 3D image, the speed of data transmission and processing is very slow. The safety and speed of 3D images transmission has become the primary problem. An optical image hiding technique using fully optical means is proposed, which utilizes the parallelism of optical technology and the theory of compressive sensing to greatly reduce the acquisition time and data volume, it provides the possibility of future 3D image secure transmission. Firstly a secret scene or image is embedded into a host image to perform optical image hiding by using a modified Mach-Zehnder interferometer. Then the hidden image is compressed to a much smaller signal data using single-pixel holographic compression imaging. At the received terminal, the hidden image is reconstructed well via compressive sensing theory and a specified holographic reconstruction algorithm. The preliminary experimental results and numerical simulations show that it is effective and suitable for optical image security transmission in the coming all-optical network for the reason of the completely optical implementation and largely decreased holograms data volume.









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李 军:华南师范大学物理与电信工程学院, 广东 广州 510006
陈思佳:华南师范大学物理与电信工程学院, 广东 广州 510006
雷 苗:华南师范大学物理与电信工程学院, 广东 广州 510006
李娇声:华南师范大学物理与电信工程学院, 广东 广州 510006
李 榕:华南师范大学物理与电信工程学院, 广东 广州 510006
唐志列:华南师范大学物理与电信工程学院, 广东 广州 510006

备注:李 军(1972-),男,硕士,副教授,主要从事光学图像安全、压缩成像、全息成像等方面的研究。

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Li Jun,Chen Sijia,Lei Miao,Li Jiaosheng,Li Rong,Tang Zhilie. A Fully Optical Method for Compressive Optical Image Hiding[J]. Acta Optica Sinica, 2017, 37(11): 1110003

李 军,陈思佳,雷 苗,李娇声,李 榕,唐志列. 全光学压缩光学图像隐藏技术[J]. 光学学报, 2017, 37(11): 1110003

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