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Application of Laser Additive Manufacturing Technology in Ophthalmology

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总结了增材制造技术在个性化眼科医疗、精准眼科医疗、移动眼科医疗、眼视光学和眼科仿生领域的近期应用与未来发展前景。激光增材制造技术凭借易于定制和高效率的优势, 有望令病人获得更具人性化、更有针对性、更加普及化的眼科医疗服务。


The recent applications of the additive manufacturing technology in the fields of personalized ophthalmology, precision ophthalmology, mobile ophthalmology, optometry and ophthalmic bionic, and its future prospects are reviewed. With the advantages of high efficiency and convenient of customization, the laser additive manufacturing is expected to help patients to obtain more humanistic, more targeted and more widespread ophthalmic medical services.








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段沐森:黑龙江大学物理科学与技术学院, 黑龙江 哈尔滨 150080
吴凡:山东省立医院皮肤科, 山东 济南 250021
刘瑞雪:视网膜健康中心科研部, 迈尔斯堡 33907


备注:段沐森(1996-), 男, 硕士研究生, 主要从事应用光学方面的研究。E-mail: yuryduan@outlook.com

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