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Temperature of variable thermal-conductivity Nb∶YAG square heat capacity laser single-end-pumped by LD

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对方形激光晶体的实际工作特点进行分析, 根据热容激光器的管理模式, 建立泵浦阶段和冷却阶段的晶体热模型, 引入变热传导系数对方程进行求解, 分别得到LD单端泵浦和冷却时热容激光器温度场的表达式。分析了不同的光斑半径、泵浦时间对晶体温度场的影响。计算结果表明: 当泵浦功率为60W、光斑半径为800μm、超高斯阶次为3的脉冲激光二极管对晶体进行泵浦时, 在将Nd∶YAG晶体的热导率视为常量和变量的情况下, 晶体在泵浦端面获得的最大温升分别为149.93℃、180.18℃。激光晶体的尺寸为(20×20×10)mm3, 掺钕离子为1.0%。


According to the management mode of the heat capacity laser,the actual working characteristics of square laser crystal was analyzed. And the crystal thermal model of the pump phase and the cooling phase are established respectively. Then the equation of the heat transfer coefficient is introduced and the expression of the temperature field is obtained in single-end pumped by LD. And the influence of different spot radius and pump time on the crystal temperature field is analyzed. The results show that when the pump power is 60W, the super-Gaussian radius is 800μm, and the super - Gaussian order is 3, the thermal conductivity of Nd∶YAG crystal is regarded as constant and non - constant, the maximum temperature rise of the crystal is 149.93℃, 180.18℃ at the pump end. The laser crystal has a size of (20×20×10)mm3, and has an absorption coefficient of 1.0% for the neodymium-doped ion.








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李隆:西安建筑科技大学 理学院, 西安 710055西安建筑科技大学 应用物理研究所, 西安 710055
潘晓瑞:西安建筑科技大学 理学院, 西安 710055
耿鹰鸽:西安建筑科技大学 理学院, 西安 710055


备注:李隆(1972-), 男, 教授, 硕士生导师, 博士后, 从事激光技术及其应用研究。

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