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Research and Progress of Flow Field Diagnosis Based on Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

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可调谐激光吸收光谱(TDLAS)技术作为一种先进的光谱检测手段已经被广泛应用于燃烧流场和风洞环境的过程诊断中, 它可以实现流场温度、组分浓度、气流速度等多参数的在线精确测量。介绍了TDLAS技术的基本原理及其在流场参数测量领域的发展历程, 总结了近几年来在超燃冲压发动机、航空涡轮发动机以及超声速风洞等流场参数测量方面所开展的TDLAS应用实例, 着重介绍了在实验室和外场环境中就流速的高精度测量、燃烧场温度和组分的连续监测、场分布的准确反演所做的研究工作。同时概述了激光吸收光谱流场诊断技术的发展水平、目前已经取得的最新研究进展以及还存在的相关问题, 最后展望了TDLAS技术在流场诊断领域的应用前景和未来的发展趋势。


Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS), as an advanced spectral detection method, has been widely used in the process diagnosis of combustion flow field and wind tunnel environment. It can realize multiple parameters accurate online measurement, such as flow field temperature, species concentration, and airflow velocity. This review introduces the basic principle of TDLAS and its development history in the field of flow field parameter measurement, summarizes the TDLAS flow field application examples in recent years such as scramjet engines, aviation turbine engines and supersonic wind tunnels, mainly focusing on high-precision measurement of flow velocity, continuous monitoring of combustion temperature and species, accurate inversion of field distribution in laboratory and outfield. The development level of laser absorption spectroscopy flow field diagnostic technology, and the latest research progress and related problems that still exist are summarized at the same time. Finally, the application prospect and future trend of TDLAS technology in flow field diagnosis area are anticipated.

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阚瑞峰:中国科学院安徽光学精密机械研究所环境光学与技术重点实验室, 安徽 合肥 230031
夏晖晖:中国科学院安徽光学精密机械研究所环境光学与技术重点实验室, 安徽 合肥 230031
许振宇:中国科学院安徽光学精密机械研究所环境光学与技术重点实验室, 安徽 合肥 230031
姚路:中国科学院安徽光学精密机械研究所环境光学与技术重点实验室, 安徽 合肥 230031
阮俊:中国科学院安徽光学精密机械研究所环境光学与技术重点实验室, 安徽 合肥 230031
范雪丽:中国科学院安徽光学精密机械研究所环境光学与技术重点实验室, 安徽 合肥 230031


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