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Theoretical Research of "Intensity Sweep" Laser Beam Smoothing Characteristics

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The physical content of smoothing by spectral dispersion (SSD) technology is theoretically explained that the focal spot smoothing effect of SSD results from the temporal change of the far-field primitive electric field phase, and there is no physical image of "moving" focal spot in the practical application of SSD. On this basis, the theoretical model of "intensity sweep" laser beam, which has a far-field intensity distribution with constant form but temporal changed spatial position, is established. The smoothing characteristics of the beam are studied by numerical simulation compared with that of SSD.

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郑天然:中国工程物理研究院激光聚变研究中心, 四川 绵阳 621900中国工程物理研究院研究生院, 北京 100088
张颖:中国工程物理研究院激光聚变研究中心, 四川 绵阳 621900
耿远超:中国工程物理研究院激光聚变研究中心, 四川 绵阳 621900
黄晚晴:中国工程物理研究院激光聚变研究中心, 四川 绵阳 621900
刘兰琴:中国工程物理研究院激光聚变研究中心, 四川 绵阳 621900
孙喜博:中国工程物理研究院激光聚变研究中心, 四川 绵阳 621900
王文义:中国工程物理研究院激光聚变研究中心, 四川 绵阳 621900
李平:中国工程物理研究院激光聚变研究中心, 四川 绵阳 621900
张锐:中国工程物理研究院激光聚变研究中心, 四川 绵阳 621900
胡东霞:中国工程物理研究院激光聚变研究中心, 四川 绵阳 621900


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Zheng Tianran,Zhang Ying,Geng Yuanchao,Huang Wanqing,Liu Lanqin,Sun Xibo,Wang Wenyi,Li Ping,Zhang Rui,Hu Dongxia. Theoretical Research of "Intensity Sweep" Laser Beam Smoothing Characteristics[J]. Laser & Optoelectronics Progress, 2018, 55(11): 111405

郑天然,张颖,耿远超,黄晚晴,刘兰琴,孙喜博,王文义,李平,张锐,胡东霞. “强度扫动”光束匀滑特性的理论研究[J]. 激光与光电子学进展, 2018, 55(11): 111405

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