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Grating-type Ultra-broad Band Far-infrared Absorber Based on InP, InAs and InSb

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设计了一种由磷化铟(InP)、砷化铟(InAs)和锑化铟(InSb)3种半导体材料复合而成的槽深线性渐变的光栅型超宽带远红外线吸收器。其吸收机理是表面等离子共振效应和电介质腔共振效应。利用频域有限差分法(Finite-Difference Frequency-Domain,FDFD)计算的结果表明,凹槽个数的改变对吸收率的影响相对较大,而凹槽深度、凹槽宽度、涂层厚度和光栅周期的变化对吸收率的影响相对较小。在采用优化的结构参数条件下,以及入射角为0~80°和入射波长为28~75 m的范围内,此吸收器的平均吸收率可达到92%以上。本文所设计的吸收器有望在远红外探测等方面得到应用。


A grating-type ultra-broad band far infrared absorber based on three kinds of semiconductor materials: indium phosphide (InP), indium arsenide (InAs) and indium antimonide (InSb) is designed. The groove depth of the absorber is changed gradually. Its absorption mechanism is surface plasma resonance and dielectric cavity resonance. They are calculated by a finite-difference frequency-domain (FDFD) method. The calculation results show that the change of the number of the groove has a relatively great influence on the absorptivity of the absorber while the changes of groove depth, groove width, coating thickness and grating period has a less influence on the absorptivity of the absorber. Under the condition of optimized structural parameters, the average absorptivity of the absorber is greater than 92% in the incident wavelength range from 28 to 75 m at the incident angle from 0 to 80 degree. The absorber designed is expected to find applications in far infrared detection, etc.








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赵晨:山西大学物理电子工程学院,山西 太原 030006
薛文瑞:山西大学物理电子工程学院,山西 太原 030006
陈曦:山西大学物理电子工程学院,山西 太原 030006
陈岳飞:山西大学物理电子工程学院,山西 太原 030006
李昌勇:山西大学激光光谱学研究所量子光学与光量子器件国家重点实验室,山西 太原 030006山西大学极端光学协同创新中心,山西 太原 030006



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ZHAO Chen,XUE Wen-rui,CHEN Xi,CHEN Yue-fei,LI Chang-yong. Grating-type Ultra-broad Band Far-infrared Absorber Based on InP, InAs and InSb[J]. INFRARED, 2018, 39(9): 14-21

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