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Study of the aflatoxin detection method based on luminescent oxygen channeling immunoassay technology

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Aflatoxin is a highly toxic biological toxin that is widely existed in agricultural products and food. It endangers public health. In the manuscript, a method based on luminescent oxygen channeling immunoassay technology is used for aflatoxin B1 detection. By using the affinity of biotin and the immune reaction between the antigen and the antibody, a polymer system of acceptor beads-AFB1-BSA complete antigen-AFB1 monoclonal antibody-donor beads is formed. Then, with the excitation of the laser, the chemiluminescence reaction produces excitation light. The aflatoxin concentrations could be calculated by the intensity of excitation light. The experimental conditions are analyzed and optimized, including the volume, the concentration of various reagents, incubation temperature and time. However, the method can achieve the lower detection limit of 0.048ng/mL, the lower limit of quantification of 0.22ng/mL, the intra- and inter-assay variation both below 10%, and the recovery rates 87~105% with oil samples. Taking the advantages of high sensitivity, strong specificity, and wash-free, this method could be a promising tool for rapid detection of toxins.



基金项目:国家自然科学基金(81401454,81471698,81671727); 中国博士后科学基金(2013M541174); 中国博士后国际交流计划(20140066); 天津市应用基础与前沿技术研究计划 (16JCZDJC31200)




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吴震:天津大学 精密仪器与光电子工程学院, 天津 300072
宗婧:天津大学 精密仪器与光电子工程学院, 天津 300072
李晨曦:天津大学 精密仪器与光电子工程学院, 天津 300072
陈文亮:天津大学 精密仪器与光电子工程学院, 天津 300072天津大学 精密测试技术及仪器国家重点实验室, 天津 300372
徐可欣:天津大学 精密仪器与光电子工程学院, 天津 300072天津大学 精密测试技术及仪器国家重点实验室, 天津 300372



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