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 A Coil Constant Calibration Method Based on the Phase-Frequency Response of Alkali Atomic Magnetometer

Han YAO Danyue MA Junpeng ZHAO Jixi LU Ming DING


 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(02):189

 Application of MZI Symmetrical Structure With Fiber Balls and Seven-Core Fiber in Microdisplacement Measurement

Liming ZHAO Hong LI Yanming SONG Mingli DONG Lianqing ZHU


 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(02):97

 Dual-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber Plasmonic Refractive Index Sensor: A Numerical Analysis

Alok Kumar PAUL Ajay Krishno SARKAR Abdul KHALEQUE


 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(02):151

 High Sensitive Refractive Index Sensor Based on Cladding Etched Photonic Crystal Fiber Mach-Zehnder Interferometer

Haifeng DU Xiaoyan SUN Youwang HU Xinran DONG Jianhang ZHOU


 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(02):126

 Influence of Internal Stresses in Few-Mode Fiber on the Thermal Characteristics of Regenerated Gratings

Nurul Asha MOHD NAZAL Kok Sing LIM Yen Sian LEE Muhammad Aizi MAT SALIM Harith AHMAD


 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(02):162

 Infrared LSS-Target Detection Via Adaptive TCAIE-LGM Smoothing and Pixel-Based Background Subtraction

Yanfeng WU Yanjie WANG Peixun LIU Huiyuan LUO Boyang CHENG Haijiang SUN


 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(02):179

 Axial Micro-Strain Sensor Based on Resonance Demodulation Technology Via Dual-Mode CMECF

Xiao LIANG Tigang NING Jingcong LI Yang LI Zhiming LIU


 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(01):78

 Design and Analysis of 2D Photonic Crystal Based Biosensor to Detect Different Blood Components

Rajendran ARUNKUMAR Thinakaran SUAGANYA Savarimuthu ROBINSON


 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(01):69

 Highly Sensitive Refractive Index Sensor Based on Polymer Long-Period Waveguide Grating With Liquid Cladding

Lingfang WANG Keyu REN Bao SUN Kaixin CHEN


 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(01):19

 High-Sensitivity Temperature Sensor Based on Polarization Maintaining Fiber Sagnac Loop

Laipeng SHAO Junhui HU Hanglin LU Jing DU Tianyin WU Yiping WANG


 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(01):25

 Laser Wavelength Estimation Method Based on a High-Birefringence Fiber Loop Mirror



 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(01):89

 Resonant Light Scattering Toward Optical Fiber Humidity Sensors



 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(01):60

 Ultrafast Nonlinear Optical Excitation Behaviors of Mono- and Few-Layer Two Dimensional MoS2

Yizhi WANG Zhongyuan GUO Jie YOU Zhen ZHANG Xin ZHENG Xiangai CHENG


 PDF全文Photonic Sensors | 2019, 9(01):1

 AlGaN nanocrystals: building blocks for efficient ultraviolet optoelectronics

Xianhe Liu Kishwar Mashooq David A. Laleyan Eric T. Reid Zetian Mi

[摘要]AlGaN nanocrystals have emerged as the building blocks of future optoelectronic devices operating in the ultraviolet (UV) spectral range. In this article, we describe the design and performance charac...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(06):B12-23

 Fiber laser with simultaneous multi-wavelength Er/Yb passively Q-switched and single-wavelength Tm gain-switched operations

J. Alaniz-Baylon M. Durán-Sánchez R. I. álvarez-Tamayo B. Posada-Ramírez M. Bello-Jiménez B. Ibarra-Escamilla A. A. Castillo-Guzman E. A. Kuzin

[摘要]We report the experimental investigation of an all-fiber multi-wavelength passively Q-switched Er/Yb laser with simultaneous gain-switched pulsed operation by using a thulium-doped fiber as a saturabl...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(06):608-614

 GaN-based ultraviolet microdisk laser diode grown on Si

Jin Wang Meixin Feng Rui Zhou Qian Sun Jianxun Liu Yingnan Huang Yu Zhou Hongwei Gao Xinhe Zheng Masao Ikeda Hui Yang

[摘要]This work reports a demonstration of electrically injected GaN-based near-ultraviolet microdisk laser diodes with a lasing wavelength of 386.3?nm at room temperature. The crack-free laser structure wa...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(06):000B32-35

 Intermodal frequency generation in silicon-rich silicon nitride waveguides

C. Lacava T. Dominguez Bucio A. Z. Khokhar P. Horak Y. Jung F. Y. Gardes D. J. Richardson P. Petropoulos F. Parmigiani

[摘要]Dispersion engineering in optical waveguides allows applications relying on the precise control of phase matching conditions to be implemented. Although extremely effective over relatively narrow band...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(06):615-621

 Nonreciprocal unconventional photon blockade in a spinning optomechanical system

Baijun Li Ran Huang Xunwei Xu Adam Miranowicz Hui Jing

[摘要]We propose how to achieve quantum nonreciprocity via unconventional photon blockade (UPB) in a compound device consisting of an optical harmonic resonator and a spinning optomechanical resonator. We s...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(06):630-641

 Ultra-high-resolution detection of Pb2+ ions using a black phosphorus functionalized microfiber coil resonator

Yu Yin Shi Li Shunbin Wang Shijie Jia Jing Ren Gerald Farrell Elfed Lewis Pengfei Wang

[摘要]A black phosphorus (BP) functionalized optical fiber sensor based on a microfiber coil resonator (MCR) for Pb2+ ion detection in an aquatic environment is presented and experimentally demonstrated. Th...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(06):622-629

 Visible- and solar-blind photodetectors using AlGaN high electron mobility transistors with nanodot-based floating gate

Andrew M. Armstrong Brianna A. Klein Andrew A. Allerman Albert G. Baca Mary H. Crawford Jacob Podkaminer Carlos R. Perez Michael P. Siegal Erica A. Douglas Vincent M. Abate Francois Leonard

[摘要]AlGaN-channel high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) were operated as visible- and solar-blind photodetectors by using GaN nanodots as an optically active floating gate. The effect of the floating...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(06):B24-31

 0.33??mJ, 104.3??W dissipative soliton resonance based on a figure-of-9 double-clad Tm-doped oscillator and an all-fiber MOPA system

Zhijian Zheng Deqin Ouyang Xikui Ren Jinzhang Wang Jihong Pei Shuangchen Ruan

[摘要]We demonstrate, for the first time, to the best of our knowledge, an all-fiber figure-of-9 double-clad Tm-doped fiber laser operating in the dissipative soliton resonance (DSR) regime. Stable mode-loc...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(05):513-517

 Continuous wave operation of GaAsBi microdisk lasers at room temperature with large wavelengths ranging from 1.27 to 1.41??μm

Xiu Liu Lijuan Wang Xuan Fang Taojie Zhou Guohong Xiang Boyuan Xiang Xueqing Chen Suikong Hark Hao Liang Shumin Wang Zhaoyu Zhang

[摘要]Submicron-meter size GaAsBi disk resonators were fabricated with the GaAsBi/GaAs single-quantum-well (QW)-structure grown by molecular beam epitaxy. The GaAsBi/GaAs QW revealed very broad photolumines...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(05):508-512

 Dual-band and ultra-broadband photonic spin-orbit interaction for electromagnetic shaping based on single-layer silicon metasurfaces

Xin Xie Mingbo Pu Xiong Li Kaipeng Liu Jinjin Jin Xiaoliang Ma Xiangang Luo

[摘要]Achieving electromagnetic wave scattering manipulation in the multispectral and broad operation band has been a long pursuit in stealth applications. Here, we present an approach by using single-layer...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(05):586-593

 Hybrid-type white LEDs based on inorganic halide perovskite QDs: candidates for wide color gamut display backlights

Chih-Hao Lin Akta Verma Chieh-Yu Kang Yung-Min Pai Tzu-Yu Chen Jin-Jia Yang Chin-Wei Sher Ya-Zhu Yang Po-Tsung Lee Chien-Chung Lin Yu-Chuan Wu S. K. Sharma Tingzhu Wu Shu-Ru Chung Hao-Chung Kuo

[摘要]We demonstrate inorganic halide perovskite quantum-dots-based white light-emitting diodes via three different geometries, including liquid, solid, and hybrid types. Problems of fast anion exchange and...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(05):579-585

 MOVPE-grown AlGaN-based tunnel heterojunctions enabling fully transparent UVC LEDs

Christian Kuhn Luca Sulmoni Martin Guttmann Johannes Glaab Norman Susilo Tim Wernicke Markus Weyers Michael Kneissl

[摘要]We report on AlGaN-based tunnel heterojunctions grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy enabling fully transparent UVC LEDs by eliminating the absorbing p-AlGaN and p-GaN layers. Furthermore, the el...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(05):558-562

 Optofluidics in bio-imaging applications

Sihui Chen Rui Hao Yi Zhang Hui Yang

[摘要]Bio-imaging generally indicates imaging techniques that acquire biological information from living forms. Recently, the ability to detect, diagnose, and monitor pathological, physiological, and molecu...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(05):532-542

 Plasmonic tip internally excited via an azimuthal vector beam for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Min Liu Wending Zhang Fanfan Lu Tianyang Xue Xin Li Lu Zhang Dong Mao Ligang Huang Feng Gao Ting Mei Jianlin Zhao

[摘要]The synergy of a plasmonic tip and fiber-based structure light field excitation can provide a powerful tool for Raman examination. Here, we present a method of Raman spectrum enhancement with an Ag-na...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(05):526-531

 Terahertz emission from layered GaTe crystal due to surface lattice reorganization and in-plane noncubic mobility anisotropy

Jiangpeng Dong Kevin-P. Gradwohl Yadong Xu Tao Wang Binbin Zhang Bao Xiao Christian Teichert Wanqi Jie

[摘要]In this work, a model based on the optical rectification effect and the photocurrent surge effect is proposed to describe the terahertz emission mechanism of the layered GaTe crystal. As a centrosymme...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(05):518-525

 Visible Raman and Brillouin lasers from a microresonator/ZBLAN-fiber hybrid system

Shuisen Jiang Changlei Guo Kaijun Che Zhengqian Luo Tuanjie Du Hongyan Fu Huiying Xu Zhiping Cai

[摘要]Raman and Brillouin lasers based on a high-quality (high-Q) whispering gallery mode microresonator (WGMR) are usually achieved by employing a tunable single-frequency laser as a pump source. Here, we ...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(05):571-572

 Widely tunable single-mode lasers based on a hybrid square/rhombus-rectangular microcavity

You-Zeng Hao Fu-Li Wang Min Tang Hai-Zhong Weng Yue-De Yang Jin-Long Xiao Yong-Zhen Huang

[摘要]Hybrid square/rhombus-rectangular lasers (HSRRLs) consisting of a Fabry–Perot (FP) cavity and a square/rhombus microcavity (SRM) are proposed and demonstrated for realizing single-mode lasing with a ...

 PDF全文Photonics Research | 2019, 7(05):543-548