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Review of new type portable laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy system

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The development of portable laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) both in China and abroad is reviewed in this paper. At present, most of the portable LIBS systems are aiming at detecting metallic elements. In order to analyze the samples containing light elements, a high power laser is necessary. But limited by the volume of laser and spectrograph, it is hard to produce a smaller laser with high laser power output and difficult to analyze light elements quantitatively with a low power laser. So, there is an obstacle to develop the high precision and portable LIBS systems. Aiming at full elements detection, the signal intensity will be enhanced and the power of excitation energy will be increased by spatial confined and high voltage discharged pulse,which can physically provide the development direction of portable LIBS system.



DOI:10.3788/co.20171004. 0426






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李安:北京理工大学 物理学院,北京 100081
邵秋峰:北京理工大学 物理学院,北京 100081
刘瑞斌:北京理工大学 物理学院,北京 100081



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LI An,SHAO Qiu-feng,LIU Rui-bin. Review of new type portable laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy system[J]. Chinese Optics, 2017, 10(4): 426-437

李安,邵秋峰,刘瑞斌. 新型便携式激光诱导击穿光谱系统综述[J]. 中国光学, 2017, 10(4): 426-437

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