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Application of digital image technology in granular flows measurement

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At present,the measurement method for velocity of granular flows is unique.In this paper,some measurement methods based on digital image technologies are introduced.By the analysis and comparison of various measuring principles and operating conditions,the characteristics and main problems of these methods are listed.Considering the characteristics of granular flows measurement,the application conditions of digital image measurement technologies are also discussed in granular flows research.Besides,the application of digital image technology in measuring repose angle and using status of these methods are introduced.The aim of the paper is to have a guiding significance for the further study of granular flows using digital image technology.


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陈晨:上海理工大学 光电信息与计算机工程学院, 上海 200093
杨晖:上海理工大学 光电信息与计算机工程学院, 上海 200093
李然:上海理工大学 光电信息与计算机工程学院, 上海 200093
陈晓荣:上海理工大学 光电信息与计算机工程学院, 上海 200093
郑刚:上海理工大学 医疗器械与食品学院,上海 200093



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CHEN Chen,YANG Hui,LI Ran,CHEN Xiaorong,ZHENG Gang. Application of digital image technology in granular flows measurement[J]. Optical Instruments, 2017, 39(6): 84-90

陈晨,杨晖,李然,陈晓荣,郑刚. 数字图像技术在颗粒流测量中的应用[J]. 光学仪器, 2017, 39(6): 84-90

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