%0 Journal Article %T Watt-level broadly wavelength tunable mode-locked solid-state laser in the 2 μm water absorption region %O Photon. Res. %A Wei Zhou %A Xiaodong Xu %A Rui Xu %A Xuliang Fan %A Yongguang Zhao %A Lei Li %A Dingyuan Tang %A Deyuan Shen %J Photonics Research %@ 2327-9125 %V 5 %N 6 %D 2017 %P 583-1 %K (140.4050) Mode-locked lasers; (140.7090) Ultrafast lasers; (140.3580) Lasers; solid-state; (140.3070) Infrared and far-infrared lasers. %X We report on broadly wavelength-tunable passive mode-locking with high power operating at the 2 μm water absorption band in a Tm:CYA crystal laser. With a simple quartz plate, stable mode-locking wavelengths can be tuned from 1874 to 1973 nm, with a tunable wavelength range up to ~100 nm and maximum output power up to 1.35 W. The bandwidth is narrow as ~6 GHz, corresponding to a high coherence. To our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of wavelength-tunable mode-locking with watt-level in the 2 μm water absorption band. The high temporal coherent laser can be further applied in spectroscopy, the efficient excitation of molecules, sensing, and quantum optics. %R 10.1364/PRJ.5.000583 %U http://www.opticsjournal.net/Articles/Abstract?aid=OJ171207000111mSpVsY %W 中国光学期刊网 %1 JIS Version 3.0.0