Feature Issue Announcement: Underwater Wireless Optical Communication



Submission Deadline: July 15, 2019

Chinese Optics Letters (COL) invites original manuscript submissions for a Special Issue on Underwater Wireless Optical Communication to be published in October 2019. The oceans, where life itself arose from, are a critical player in the basic elements indispensable for human life, like climate, weather, nourishment, and mineral resources, to name a few. For this reason, ocean exploration owns scientific, strategic and economic significance and has been attracting global attention. Foreseeing the rapid development of underwater exploration, a high-speed underwater wireless communication system becomes indispensable. Recently, underwater wireless optical communication (UWOC) has gained a renewed interest from both academic and industrial communities, because of its high bandwidth, compact antennas, low latency, cost-effectiveness and low power consumption. We envision many situations where the wireless optical links can be complementary to or even more competitive than its acoustic counterpart, such as broadband communications between various underwater vehicles and underwater sensors. By leveraging the low-absorption window of seawater in the blue-green band, optical signals can transmit several tens or hundreds of meters in general waters. In addition, an underwater optical wireless communication network can be implemented based on these optical links, to further enhance the transmission range, flexibility and robustness by virtue of multiple hops, and reliable network operation. The UWOC paves a new way to construct next-generation high-performance underwater wireless links in the immediate future.

The scope of this special issue covers all aspects of theoretical and experimental research related to UWOC. Specific areas of interest in UWOC include, but not limited to:

- Transmitter and receiver device, module and systems

- LED and laser based underwater optical links

- Channel characterization and modeling

- Narrow beam line-of-sight optical communications

- Non-line-of-sight communication links

- Self-powered underwater optical communication systems

- Networking and security issues

- Signal processing, etc.


Guest Editors:

Prof. Jing Xu, Zhejiang University

Email: jxu-optics@zju.edu.cn

Prof. Boon S. Ooi, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

Email: boon.ooi@kaust.edu.sa

Prof. Gong-Ru Lin, Taiwan University

Email: grlin@ntu.edu.tw


The review process will be arranged for each submission individually, normally within 5 days after receiving the submission. The paper will be published online within one month after it is accepted.

Submission format: Authors should use the MS-Word or Latex style files. Please visit: Author Style Guide & Templates for the submission template and upload the submission at the website: https://mc03.manuscriptcentral.com/clp-col with the type of “Special issue on Underwater Wireless Optical Communication”.