Special presentation: MRE's top 3 downloaded papers

Since MRE delivered its first issue in the spring of 2016, it has formally published 10 issues, totally 44 papers up till August, 2017. Online records show that, the MRE papers have been widely read, downloaded and cited, and downloads of some papers are really notable.

The top 3 downloaded papers of MRE as of June 17, 2017 are as follows:
Number 1 

A general comparison between tokamak and stellarator plasmas
By Yuhong Xu
July, 2016
Downloads: 5902
Number 2

Recent advances in high-pressure science and technology
By  Ho-Kwang Mao, Bin Chen, Jiuhua Chen, Kuo Li, Jung-Fu Lin, Wenge Yang, Haiyan Zheng
Jan, 2016
Downloads: 3834
Number 3

High energy density physics with intense ion beams

By Boris Yu. Sharkov, Dieter H. H. Hoffmann, Alexander A. Golubev, Yongtao Zhao
Jan, 2016
Downloads: 1839
MRE thanks the authors for their contributions and hopes to have more opportunities to better serve all its authors and potential authors.