During ICMRE2017, the 2nd Editorial Board Meeting of Matter and Radiation at Extremes journal (MRE) was organized in the evening of June 27 and invited over 20 editorial board members, with 9 international members, including newly recruited members Dr. Naresh Thadhani from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA and Dr. Stefan Weber from the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic. During the meeting, Dr. Weiyan Zhang, the Editor-in-Chief of MRE, announced the list of new editorial board members and issued appointment letters to new members presented. The editorial office introduced the most recent progress of MRE, as MRE has published 9 issues/41 articles, with over 30,000 downloads worldwide by June, 2017. Then the members discussed methods to enhance international impact of the journal, to solicit high quality papers and the arrangement of ICMRE in 2018 and 2019. In the end, a group photo was taken and we are looking forward for the 3rd Editorial Board Meeting in Qingdao, China next year!